November 24, 2008

Have a pawsitively fun & safe Thanksgiving!

The holidays are great times to get together with family and friends - and Thanksgiving is just one of the holidays when you and your pets get to enjoy a delicious turkey feast (or two)! While it's easy to get cought up in the hustle & bustle of holiday dinner parties, don't forget the safety basics to ensure you and your pets stay happy and healthy during the celebrations and festivities!

Here are the Top 8 Thanksgiving Do’s and Dont’s from

1. Packing on the pounds is a Thanksgiving tradition for most of us, but it can be as dangerous for our animals as it can be for us. A diet high in fat can be extremely harmful to your pet’s health, and even though it’s only once a year, the change in diet can not only lead to obesity but some digestive issues. Feed your pet their normal pet food and refrain from over indulging them with table scraps!

2. Watch the table! Whether you have a little jumper or a long legged love bug, an unsupervised table of food can be more then just eye candy to your pets. Keep food covered and away from table edges. An easier solution might also be to keep the animal out of the dining room during dinner time. This can also help curb the urge to feed them Thanksgiving treats!

3. Secure your trash! Keep your trash cans out of reach of your animals, or better yet, take it out right after your done with it. This will insure that your animals don’t jump inside the canister or knock it over to get to those juicy Turkey bones! Even a vegetarian house wants to keep an eye out, onions and chocolate can do just as much damage!

4. Don’t give your pets animal bones! According to, “cooked turkey, duck, geese and other bird bones are dangerous to your pet. They are hollow and break and splinter easily. Also, because they are so easily breakable, dogs usually won’t chew them thoroughly. The results are sharp pieces that can choke the dog or block, tear the intestines.”

5. Keep your animal calm and unstressed while people are over. Most of our houses are filled with running children, the happy (in my family loud) chatter of relatives and a football game in the background. Though cheerful for people, pets can get overwhelmed from these events and may become snappy or stressed. To insure that your pets have a great time too, consider giving them their own space away from people, feed them out of reach of children, strangers or loud noises and take them for a nice long walk before guests arrive to help spend that energy and get them calm.

6. Watch those four legged friends while cooking. Sometimes a little kitten under foot can create a disaster when carrying that large bowl of gravy. Keep all your pets out of the kitchen and away from the hustle and bustle. Also, watch cats around open oven doors. That warm hiding place can call to a cat and end your Thanksgiving celebration at the Animal Hospital.

7. Leave your pets at home when attending holiday parades and festivities. Though floats, large balloons and crowds can be a blast for your family, they can send your dog into an anxious or even aggressive state. Leave your dog at home and let them enjoy the festivities on TV while relaxing on their favorite blanket.

8. As always, make sure your pets are wearing their collars with tags. In case someone forgets to shut the door, you want to make sure your pets are easily identifiable.

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