November 15, 2008

November is senior pet month!!

November is senior pet month - what better time like the present to welcome an older dog or cat into your home? While there may be more challenges having a senior pet, there are also many benefits to adopting one.  

Some challenges that come with adopting a senior pet are health issues such as arthritis.  However younger dogs can have health issues as well and older dogs can stay very lively and healthy well into their time here.  You might have to accept the fact that they might not be around for long, depending on how old they are.  You just have to remember that you are both very lucky to have each other, if even for just a short while.
Don't let the fear of health issues get in the way of your decision to give a senior pet a loving forever home.  There are definitely benefits that come with adopting a senior pet.  Some of the benefits are that they are already housetrained and aren't as time demanding as a puppy.  Here's a list of Top Ten Reasons to Adopt and Older Dog from The Senior Dogs Project.

If you are interested in learning more about adopting a senior pet, here are some organizations that are a great place to start:

* any local animal shelter in your area!
* Pets In Need Society - North Vancouver, BC
* BCSPCA - Vancouver, BC
* Dachshund Rescue - North Burnaby, BC

My senior dog BoBo who is almost 18  <3

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