December 29, 2008

Need Help Relocating Your Pets?

Recently we have acquired property in the Dominican Republic. Our plans are to build a house and move the business, us and our 4 beloved pets there once everything is ready. This seemed easy enough until I began thinking more and more about relocating our pets. We have 2 adult cats and 2 senior dogs. The cats will be fine, however I am quite concerned about our 2 senior dogs - especially BoBo who is a little 17 year old Pekingese/Toy Poodle. A car ride for her is one thing, but a long flight in a strange/noisy place seems like it would be a terrifying experience for her!

Luckily @EcoPup has been following @petrelocation on Twitter and who better to ask than a pet relocation expert! They gave us some great info for moving our pets to the Dominican Republic here on their blog as well as a link to a video on Continental Airlines which they highly recommended for their PetSafe program.

Now that I have more information from PetRelocation and my mind is a little more at ease, we can concentrate on finishing everything in DR and start getting ready for the move!

Thanks again, @petrelocation!
WOOF WOOF & MEOW MEOW from Karl, Ned, Cody, BoBo & EcoPup

2 comments: said...

Happy to help! Cheers and all the best for your big move with BoBo!

isabella mori said...

this is really great. i have a friend who does not visit me in vancouver anymore because she is afraid of travelling with her dog. i should tell her about this.