January 24, 2009

Eco Pet Products We Love

We love our pets and our earth, so we do what we can to help - and spoil - both. Over the last few years more and more green pet products and services have become available, all thanks to many eco concerned pet owners and companies. Here is a list of a few eco pet products we love, so you can help make 2009 a fabulous green year for you and your beloved pet.

1. WoWo Raised Feeding Stations

These stylish WoWo Raised Feeding Stations by Vurv Design will make all your eco-holic friends envious. The wenge wood is an earth-friendly, engineered composite veneer and is finished with a polyurethane varnish, which doesn’t exude poisonous fumes like lacquer.
Available online at vurv.ca

2. Monzie's Organic Cookies for Dogs

Monzie's Organic Cookies for Dogs are made with wholesome organic ingredients like molasses and sesame seeds. Each cookie is so crunchy and delicious, your dogs won't ask for anything less.
Available online at Only Natural Pet Store

3. Grow Your Own Cat Grass Kit

Grow this kit inside the house for a daily cat treat. This healthy homegrown treat is essential for your kitty's diet. Eating grass helps cats free up hairballs and clean out the intestinal tract. Giving your cat their own plant may also help to keep them away from your house plants. Kit contains a blend of Oat, Rye and Wheat seeds, plus soil mix, catnip sample and fool-proof directions.
Available online at Botanical Cat

4. AKC Green Planet Dog Toys

Green Planet Collection toys use recycled packaging and recycled materials. The toys are designed for safe, durable, pet play. These cute toys are made of strong plush fabric, double stitched with embroidered details and there are no small parts for your pup to swallow. Each dog toy includes a squeaker.
Available online at Botanical Dog

5. Good Buddy Doggy Day Pack

This cute handy little pack is always ready to go, when you're ready to go! It's perfect for outings and short trips with your pup. This pack contains a reusable dog water dish and dispenser, biodegradable pet waste bags, a Red Rover rope toy, a reusable container of Good Buddy cheese flavor cookies, a reusable container of Organix adult dog food and over $6.00 in coupons, all neatly packed in a silver day kit.
Available online at Castor and Pollux Pet Works

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