June 29, 2009

BoBo's 18th Dog Birthday Party!

On Friday my little fur baby, BoBo officially turned the big 18! We are so lucky to have her with us for this long, so I decided to throw her a dog birthday party to celebrate her turning 18. I found an awesome Peanut Butter/carrot dog cake recipe and invited our good friends (and their two dogs, of course!) to the pawty.

Party furiends: Peru (the Mastiff) & Jax (the Boston-Chi)

Ginger & her buddy Karl

After a lot of playing and ball chasing, we sang happy birthday to BoBo (Jax LOVES to sing along to that one) and she blew out her candles.

"Happy Birthday BoBo!"

The cake was a hit - all the dogs got a piece (2 pieces for Peru!) and licked their bowls clean very quickly!

mmmm cake! NOM NOM NOM...

Unfortunately, the party goers didn't last much longer after they had their cake... that's when the food comas set in from too much fun & cake.

Out like a light, happy with full tummies

Click here for the 'Peanut Butter Delight' dog birthday cake recipe
(the icing is just low-fat cream cheese with carob chips)

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