October 12, 2009

Tank the rescue(d) Chihuahua

Tiny adorable Tank the Chihuahua

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic around here with traveling and trade shows. Sadly, we haven't been home very much in the last 3-4 weeks. During our absence my brother-in-law started calling, which is slightly unusual. The first week he just called once, then a few more times the following week. During the third week he was phoning up to two times a day. I had sent him a brief text message letting him know where we were and that we'd call him once we got back. This resulted in three more phone calls the day we were flying home...

So, once we were finally back we returned his call. His persistent phone calls weren't about anything bad. Instead it was sheer excitement - they got a Chihuahua!

Apparently this poor little guy was purchased by a young girl who was leading a busy socialite lifestyle in Costa Rica. And what socialite is complete without a wee Chihuahua in tow named - yep, you guessed it - Tinkerbell. This girl became so engrossed in her partying that the poor little guy went missing for 3 days before the girl's mom could get there (from Canada) to find him. Luckily he was found by the mom, full of ticks and fleas and very dehydrated. She decided to take him back to Canada with her, since her daughter was clearly not able to take proper care of him.

You're probably noticing that I keep referring to Tinkerbell as a he.. yes, Tinkerbell is a boy. Somehow this girl figured her little arm piece was a girl. It baffles me how someone could mistake a boy dog for a girl. Cats maybe, but dogs' genders seem to be a little more obvious, no? So her mom changed his name to Tank which suits him just fine. Unfortunately the mom was unable to keep him.. luckily she is friends with my sister-in-law. She told her Tank's story and how she had acquired him, and my sister-in-law offered to take him in.

Tank's big fur-sister Sadie

This adorable cuddly tiny guy went from being a novelty item, lost in the jungle, brought to Canada and rescued by the most loving family he could possibly want to be with. He also has a big fur-sister Sadie who just loves to play and cuddle with him. That story made my week, I'm so glad Tank has found his forever home.

Welcome to the family, Tank! <3

If you would like to give an animal in need a loving forever home, visit petfinder.com and see who's in need in your area.

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