January 14, 2010

National dress up your pet day

If you love to dress up your pets - and not just in practical raincoats or sweaters - but don't want to admit that you actually really do love seeing pets dressed in clothes and costumes, then today is your perfect excuse to dress up your dog or cat!
January 14th is national dress up your pet day!  We absolutely love pets in clothes, so here are a few adorable photos to help get you in the spirit of things - and they're just plain cute to look at!  Enjoy!

Image source: Flickr                                                              Model: Buddy the Puggy - Photo by Staci Marie

Image source: Flickr

Image source: Flickr

Photo of Sauce by Leeanne McNeill

Our good friends at Flora&Fauna must be extra excited for this year's National Dress Your Pet Day because it happens to fall on their weekly "dress-up fursdays" with Bitta!  Bitta's dress-up photos are just too cute not to share - here's to Dress-up Fursdays and National Dress Your Pet Day!

Big thank yous to Pauline for use of the photos of her dog Bitta :)

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Shauna (Fido and Wino) said...

Very cute! Loving Buddy the Puggy :)

pauline said...

LOL!! bitta can't wait to get some cute eco-pup clothes!!