August 16, 2010

5 fun ways to keep your dog cool

Having 2 black dogs (and a black cat!) I'm forever looking for fun ways to help keep them cool in the summer heat.  Here are a few things that we like to do for some cool summer doggie fun:

Bobbing for kibbles
I think this one is Honey's favorite.  It's a great way to get your dog used to water too if they're not used to it!  All you have to do is fill a clean bucket or large bowl with fresh water and place it outside on your lawn or deck.  Toss a handful of kibble into the water and let your dog eat the kibbles!  They might even be brave enough to go for the pieces at the bottom!  You can use something else if you don't like feeding your dog kibble - try their favorite treat, veggies or fruit!

Heres a little clip of Honey bobbing for kibbles:

Dog clothes

Yes, you heard me - dog clothes!  In summer!
Surprisingly dressing your dog (especially the black doggies!) helps deflect the sun off of their coat which helps them from heating up as quick as they normally would.  White is ideal however any light color works too. If you can find a top that is made of Bamboo that's even better.  Bamboo yarns are more breathable and temperature regulating than any other natural or synthetic fiber.  It helps keep you cool when it's warm out (and vise versa).  It also naturally protects your skin against harmful UV rays.  Pretty cool, eh?!

photo: Buddy The Puggy

My dogs love pumpkin so for a cool treat I freeze small blobs of pumpkin for them to munch on during warm days.  You can put the pumpkin into an ice cube tray or scoop small piles onto a plastic container.  You can also freeze chicken broth or pure cranberry juice!

 image source: flickr

Frozen toys
If your dog loves to chew try soaking a rope toy in some chicken broth or pure cranberry juice and freezing it.  They will love their favorite chew toy even more, and it will keep them cool!

image source: flickr

What are some things your dog or cat likes to do to keep cool in the summer?

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