January 28, 2013

Meow Monday - Meowy (almost) Valentine's Day

It's almost Valentine's Day and what better way to spoil your best friend than with these irresistible Eco-Pup heart shaped catnip toys and free printable Valentine's Day gift tags!

These Eco-Pup catnip toys are handmade of Ecofi recycled PET felt and filled with our very own all-natural homegrown catnip (no nasty pesticides). Each package has 2 Valentine catnip hearts (one pink and one red) - double the kitty love ♥ $5.00 for two toys - check them out here at Eco-Pup!

Photo: Our happy Catnip plants!

We've also created some adorable little Valentine's Day gift tags that would go perfectly with this gift of love for your best friends!

FREE for you to download here!

FREE download printable pet Valentine's gift tags

Meowy (almost) Valentine's Day!

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